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Property Details
Listing ID P1740
Category Home Stays, Holiday rental
Type Hill Station
Locality Wayanad
Area 10000 Area in Sq.Feet
Preferred Listing Hot Property
Price INR 2500

Sundara Mahal has been Home to five generations of our family over a century. Situated in Wayanad District of Kerala it stands as an elegant testimonial to the blessings and skills that have endured the test of time.

Generations have lived under this roof over periods that were truly transformational. From establishment of plantations to active participation in our Nation’s struggle for independence, through Stock market bubbles and Commodity price crashes, Sundara Mahal has provided with its ambience, solace to many as an ancestral home where one could truly relax the mind and regenerate the spirit.

Set in acres of a Progeny Orchard and Garden this exclusive and private Bungalow now extends the graceful lifestyle and hospitality as an approved Home stay.

Tradition plays a big part in the life style we offer. The food is pure Vegetarian. There are poojas and other sattvic rituals conducted by venerable masters that go on periodically. The big open grounds are definitely for children to play, not for adults to party. The Birds that chirp, the monkeys that screech and the crickets who sing conduct Nature’s Orchestra 24x7, are not harmed. And no one bites the dogs.

Oh! There’s a catch! Sundara Mahal is for families only. Families who need the break; together.

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As believers in the concept of Responsible Tourism, we share the Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits that accrue from these operations with members of our society. Ordinary folk, whether they are cab drivers or potters, masseurs or guides, beauticians or farmers, each contributes with their unique skill sets into this effort.

In order to assure that the economic benefits are passed on we have decided against offering any of these services in-house but will facilitate the same from providers directly to our guests. As we personally know who are the best providers in our society we will assure quality at competitive rates.

Willingness to pass on the economic benefits to society will result in Job creation both Direct and indirect. In a predominantly agrarian area, just out of a major crisis, tourism offers one of the few hopes for young people to earn a decent living. The visit of each guest family creates a small ripple on the demand side which proves beneficial to someone, however small. We recognize this and respectfully encourage the continued creation of these ripples.

Our environment is all we have. Alternate energy generation through Solar panels, Composting of Organic wastes, Plastic waste recycling, Watershed management, Energy conservation through use of energy efficient lighting  are some  sustainable practices that are followed here over decades. Conservation Agricultural Practices assure the preservation of large varieties of mother plants of rare species.

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Email ID
Contact Person Manoj Mahadevan
Mobile number  +91  -  9037412293
Landline number 91 -  9349766580
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